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RT @villalobossebas: Happy Birthday @justinbieber! Thanks for all these years being the inspiration for many, you are great man!


RT @NASA_Astronauts: “Stunning colors as we cross the #SaharaDesert. The inspiration of #EarthArt.” #AstroButch http://t.co/3hbem0AARX

— Natalia Romero (@NataliaRomero7) February 28, 2015

Be My Inspiration 💕 http://t.co/Y46ijIBL0Z

— Michelle (@MichelleBarrant) February 28, 2015

RT @Cmdr_Hadfield: Leonard, you lived long and prospered, and were an inspiration to me and to millions. Rest in peace. http://t.co/NESJKvT

— Esteban Méndez ⚡ (@WinterSoldier53) February 28, 2015

RT @Chief_Astronaut: The inspiration of Spock & company: MT @caltechalumni: 1968 Caltech protest to prevent Star Trek cancellation. #LLAP

— Francisco Brenes (@fjbrenes) February 27, 2015

RT @NASA: Leonard Nimoy "...was an inspiration to multiple generations of engineers, scientists, astronauts..." -Admin Bolden http://t.co/

— Katherine Mena (@tortutica) February 27, 2015

Live long and prosper, you were a great inspiration @TheRealNimoy #RIP #RIPSpock #LiveLongAndProsper #VulcanDeceased

— Jose (Panda) Mata (@Joacopanda08) February 27, 2015

RT @MalalaFund: Love this illustration of #Malala by @RoaringSoftly. How many of these facts did you know? #inspiration http://t.co/rz9z3dd

— Mariana Sánchez (@MariSr15) February 27, 2015

RT @michell79929660: My Idol My inspiration My hero My everything✿ http://t.co/eauTOKcDR8

— Mary .S. (@Thaly_Corazon) February 27, 2015

spiritualinspiration: Are you facing something today that seems... - Spiritual Inspiration via @pinterest http://t.co/9W1G6UpDFi

— Ariana Blanco Porras (@Arianblp92) February 27, 2015

RT @instagram: Worldwide InstaMeet 11 is 3/21-22! For inspiration, here’s a look #BehindTheInstaMeet in Guatemala: http://t.co/SLVnRCedRo #…

— Marlon Salazar♚ (@marlon_salazar) February 27, 2015

"@JoshDevineDrums: Passion. Never loose the passion for whatever you do." I need inspiration josh please help me

— PLEASE. ZAYN (@zouisshadow) February 24, 2015

RT @THR: #Whiplash: Editing Miles Teller's Drumming, 'French Connection' Inspiration #Oscars2015 http://t.co/xDXw3J6OAG http://t.co/gGqWgma

— iLeal (@indileal) February 23, 2015

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